Native Bags & Pouches

Native Bags & Pouches

Beaded Pipe Bag
Beaded Turtle Pipe bag, made with home tanned moose hide.

Strike-A-Light Pouch
Made of smoked tanned moose hide. They were originally used for carrying fire making paraphernalia (flint); it is now often referred to as a tobacco pouch. They are either beaded with glass beads or decorated with porcupine quills.  Embellishment with dewclaws of a deer brings in a gentle energy.

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Tobacco Pouches
Beaded pouch on leather that fits a pouch of tobacco perfectly.


Native Medicine Bags, Pipe Bags and Pouches to be made to your speciality.  We never miss a deadline, and can do large quantity of products, made right in store.

Email Moonstone for availability and to place an order.  We will respond promptly.


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