Yvonne Jobin is a Provincial Marriage Commissioner

Experience a sacred marriage ceremony, created to fit your unique needs.

Does a unique wedding set in Western Canada appeal to you?

Yvonne has helped many couples facilitate their special wedding ceremony. She can incorporate sacred ceremony into your spiritual union and encourages blending ethnicity and meaningful heritage traditions into your ceremony.

Yvonne has conducted original ceremonies with Traditional Native, Celtic, and Western themes.


Please contact Yvonne for any questions you may have!

Yvonne Jobin
Tel: 403.261.2650

We do accept special orders and have never missed a deadline.

Like these business card holders.   We made 40 in 5 days for a special order.  All business card holders were custom hand made for our client.
These moccasins were for Western Cree Tribal Council. Fully beaded with home tanned moose hide.


Commission Work From Other Artists

We can work with you and any of the artists we represent to create a special gift.

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